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Continuous Dosing and Mixing System

Continuous kneading machine. For any kind of dough.

All over the world, batch-type kneading machines are used In every flour-based food production factory. Moreover, for each type of product they use a certain dough-mixing organ. Bread has it's own dough-mixing organ, the biscuit has it's own and so on. But this could not go on forever. For about 10 years, continuous mixing technologies have been improving on the market and significant results have already been achieved. The problem only remains in the price of continuous dough mixers, because until today they are produced either in Germany or in the USA.

But we have solved this complexity, and we are ready to offer you our unit which is manufactured in Ukraine using all modern trends in this direction.

Continuous dough kneading. What is the benefit?

One of the reasons why continuous kneading machines are in demand right now is because the systems have been technically improved so that processes can be controlled with greater accuracy. This is one of the most compelling arguments for continuous mixers. Each kilogram of dough produced in a continuous mixing system undergoes the same mixing and kneading time, energy supply, rest time, etc. Batch processes cannot provide such reliability. Kneading organs for kneading and mixing can be optimized for the exact product and process. The kneading bath can be cooled or heated, although the heating are rarely used. Bath refrigeration, on the other hand, becomes popular, especially when the dough is intended for the production of frozen bakery products.

Also, the unit can be equipped with a gas supply system, and some of them can also be controlled so that the closed parts of the system can be influenced by pressure or vacuum. This increases the number of parameters that affect the quality of the dough. Of course, one of the advantages is a uniform supply of raw materials. We offer accurate dosing of components. Moreover, we guarantee evenly dosing at all stages of the kneading process.

Continuous kneading are often used for the production of bread and rolls. In addition to technical quality, one of the reasons is the power of such systems. Continuous systems reduce power by 30%.

This system consists of feeders, component dispensers, TORNADO high-speed premixer and MIXTRON dough mixing unit. In the standard version, the process of continuous kneading is divided into two stages: hydration (mixing) of the main bulk components with water and mixing by organs using force (kneading).

1 - Flour Feeding Conveyor

2 - Dosing Flour (Volumetric Control System)

3 - Salt Feeding Conveyor

4 - Dosing Salt (Volumetric Control System)

5 - Water Dosing

6 - Premixer TORNADO

7 - Kneader (Mixer) MIXTRON

8 - Resting Conveyour

Principle of operation

Raw materials are unpacked from bags, or come from big bags or from storage silos. Flour, salt or other ingredients. The feeder sends the raw material into the dosing units . A metering unit mounted on strain gauges doses the raw materials into a premixer. The level in the dispensers is controlled by a system of level sensors, which in turn control the feeders. All dry ingredients are dosed according to the same principle. The difference is only in geometric dimensions. Water is heated and also goes in the premixer.

Premixer TORNADO

Rapidity. No dust. Low power consumption. Homogeneity. All these benefits will provide the premixer TORNADO. All dry components are evenly moistened with liquids, such as water, yeast or glucose solutions, in free fall. Within a few seconds, a homogeneous substance is created, which can be immediately used or served in a batch or in a dough mixer. Humidity can be controlled by controlling the amount of water. Unlike conventional systems, humidification is achieved not under high pressure, but under the influence of centrifugal force. Now even products, such as dry pasta kneading, can be produced with very little moisture and immediately processed further without any intermediate steps. The TORNADO premixer performance range covers all common types of dough with varying moisture contents.

After preliminary mixing, this mass enters the bath with the kneading organs. Designed for each type of dough is a specific type of kneading organ. Organ revolutions are selected depending on the desired formulation and ingredients. The kneading bath is equipped with a jacket for cooling or heating the dough.

An indicator of the quality of the doughis its structure. Therefore, after kneading, the dough must be proofed and therefore, after the MIXTRON kneading machine, it falls on the proofing conveyor. Next, you can proceed to the process of forming the product. Often we hear the question: “For what type of dough do you recommend your equipment?”

We offer continuous dough mixing for a wide range of applications. For example, our MIXTRON series is designed for bread dough such as bread, rolls, pizza, pita bread, lavash and other wheat-based products. At the same time, we developed the MIXTRON-PL series, which is designed to knead gluten-free dough for products such as snacks, chips. The unit of the MIXTRON-C series is mainly intended for the confectionery segment and is used for products such as hard biscuit cookies, sugar cookies and more.


Advantages that the continuous kneader (mixer) will give you:

✓ Kneading homogeneity at all stages

✓ Suitable for all types of dough.

✓ Controlled mixing process parameters

✓ Immediate impact on product quality

✓ Precisely adjustable dough temperature

✓ Reduces overall mixing time

✓ Possibility of aerating the dough (gas saturation)

✓ Gluten free steam function

✓ Lower energy consumption (savings of about 30%), and accordingly the cost of production of 1 kg of products is reduced

✓ Reduced staff at the dough preparatory area

✓ Easy to clean.

✓ Easy to operate.

✓ Fully automatic operation.

Want to know the cost of the equipment?

Since we are a Ukrainian manufacturer of this line, we can offer a competitive price.

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