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About US


i2FOODS is a dynamically developing company, the creators of which have many years of experience in equipment for the food industry

We are a design and production company, which has its machine development and large production capabilities. We can offer both existing solutions and develop individual non-standard projects.


- Development and manufacture of industrial lines for the food processing industry

- Development of technology and food products

- Automation of existing production processes of enterprises


Automation of food production is not an innovation today. The industry knows many solutions in the areas of raw material storage, product molding, baking, deep-frying, refrigeration, and packaging. But in our experience, 99% of enterprises use the batch process of mixing and kneading raw materials. We have developed automatic dosing and mixing systems for almost all types of food products. We make continuous dough kneaders, mixers, homogenizers, emulsifiers and more. Thus, we complet.

Why choose us?

Unique selling proposition (USP):

Creating a company in Ukraine, we have many competitive advantages over other world and European equipment manufacturers.

⋅ Ukraine is known for producing a large amount of metal, which we use in the production of our equipment.

⋅ Ukraine is located on the border with the Europe Union, which allows us to use components Siemens, Schneider Electric, Ammeraal Beltech, Transtecno etc.

⋅ Ukrainian engineers have long been valued throughout the world:

- Igor Sikorsky - Ukrainian engineer, "father" of the world helicopter manufacturing.
- Oleg Antonov - Ukrainian designer and head of the aircraft manufacturing company ANTONOV, which created the largest cargo plane in the world, MRIYA.
- Sergey Korolev - Ukrainian rocket designer and project manager for the launch of the first man (Yuri Gagarin) into space.
- Eugene and Boris Paton - Ukrainian engineers and creators of technologies for welding metals and live material.
- Stepan Tymoshenko is a Ukrainian engineer, a mechanical scientist who is called, the "father" of mechanical engineering.
- Mikhail Koshkin - Ukrainian designer who developed the Soviet T-34 tank, which played the major role of the outcome of World War II.

⋅ Our engineers also have the technology of a research institute that developed machines for the food industry for the entire USSR.

⋅ Ukrainian macroeconomic indicators contribute to a democratic level of wages, which is several times lower than the European.

Using the “engineering genes” of past centuries and new trends in engineering - it allows us to produce equipment at a high level but at the same time at a competitive price.

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