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Automatic Line for Popcorn

This line is designed for the production of pancakes out of biscuit dough with filling. The creators of these pancakes are considered Japanese. They call this product Dorayaki. These sandwich pancakes are very convenient for both the manufacturer and the consumer. The manufacturer in this matter contributes to a fully automatic line, which allows even automatic packaging of this product. Also, the variety of fillings allows you to create a significant assortment. For the consumer, the positioning of the product and the convenience of the shape in the form of a sandwich contributes to favorable consumption. And the print in the form of a cheerful picture gives positive emotions.


pancake pancake pancake pancake

The composition of the line for the production of biscuit pancakes with filling:

1 - Mixer for the dough

2 - Tank

3 - Dough pump

4 - Dough depositor

5 - Tunnel oven with plate band

6 - Flipping unit

7 - Row aligning unit

8 - Row divider

9 - Filling dispenser

10 - Thermal printer

11 - Sandwich Machine

13 -Rotary feeder

14 - Feed conveyor

15 - Flow Pack

16 - Storage table

12 - Cooling conveyor

Principle of operation:

The first thing to do before starting work is to prepare the ingredients for making the dough. You can find the basic recipes and their modifications in our article Recipes for biscuit dough. The basis for making biscuit dough is flour and water. An operator using a scale measures all the ingredients in batches. Then the operator puts measured ingredients in a high-speed mixer. The next article will help you determine the right mixer for biscuit dough.

Then we pour the dough into the dough depositing machine hopper. The dough depositing machine casts dough with a predetermined weight onto the track of the stepper furnace. Temperature, baking time are set by the operator and maintained automatically. This oven is specially designed to withstand baking technology for biscuit pancakes. An oven is provided with the flipping unit that flips the product over. After that, the product enters the row aligning unit, so during further operation, the product is moving in even rows. Next, it is necessary to turn the product through a row so we have a nice sandwich with even and similar surface on both sides. This function is performed by the row divider. Further, the filling is deposited on the product through a row. It can be jam or chocolate, etc.

After that the thermal printer prints on a given row. This machine has quick removable forms that can be changed depending on the product. After printing, the suction sandwich machine forms a sandwich.

Before packaging, the product must be cooled to room temperature. For this, the conveyor cooler slowly moves the product. After cooling, the product falls on a rotary feeder, which, in one row, builds the product for packaging on the flow pack. Using the feed conveyor, the product enters the flow pack cells and is packed individually. Packed sandwiches accumulate on the turntable for further group packaging in the boxes.


✓ Filling goes after baking. That allows you to produce a product without preservatives because usually biscuits are produced with heat-resistant fillings.

✓ For marketing purposes, to attract a buyer, the line is equipped with a thermal stamp or you can print the name of the filling.

✓ Edges of biscuit pancakes are "sealed" after dosing with filling. This is better as opposed to filling with a needle. Since the biscuit pancakes are perfectly smooth, the design of the picture that can be printed is almost unlimited. Also, changing the picture is quick and easy.

✓ The furnace can be both electric and gas.

✓ Cleaning the furnace hearth and applying oil is automatic.

✓ Two fillings one into another one.

✓ As an option, we can leave the edges open and the next step is to process edges with chocolate or leave them without additional processing to see the filling inside.

✓ Chocolate processing requires a chocolate processing machine and conveyor cooler.

✓ One option is nonsweet biscuit pancakes. With and without filling, the bigger size allows wrapping something inside or making a sandwich yourself.

✓ You can also make a triple pancake with a double filling.

✓ Your options are practically unlimited in color and a combination. Pancake - Rainbow.

✓ Equipment assembled for long-term service. In the production of the line, we use food-grade stainless steel. The development provides a simplification of the design while maintaining hygiene requirements, as well as improving comfort during use. For convenient control, the line is equipped with a simple and reliable control system which is located in a place convenient for the operator.

✓ Easy maintenance and quick changes can be made.

✓ Each piece of equipment can be added or removed when necessary - this allows you to quickly and conveniently maintain each site and change the combination of machines to change the final product. It also makes it possible in the future to retrofit if necessary to expand the range.

✓ The equipment is designed to meet high standards of sanitation. As we know, to ensure a long shelf life without the addition of preservatives, it is necessary to observe the highest standards of sanitation. Our line is designed so that every machine or assembly can be washed. Thus, we have taken into account hygienic design, which helps to comply with the highest standards of sanitation and produce environmental products.

✓ Biscuit pancakes without Sandwich knot. The line for the production of biscuit pancakes can work for the production of single-layer pancakes with increased power and later retrofitted with a Sandwich unit.

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